Kiumaru Hamachi is the main protagonist of Konoha Delta and its sequal.

Kiumaru Hamachi

Hamachi Kiumaru




March 18




51.01kgs (112.23 lbs)

Blood Type:

First Appearance:

Episode 1






Satoshi Hamachi (Father, Deceased)

Nameless Mother (Unnamed)


Fire Style: Black Flames of Naraku

Shadow Clone Technique

Water Style: Bloody Leviathan of the Abyss


Kiumaru's personality in the beginning of the series is calm and collected. Though he can be impulsive and loves sparring with his friend Crow.


His skills are shown to be the greatest in his generation. He can weave signs faster than anyone else and can use one hand seal to preform a multi hand seal technique. He is also fast when running on land or water and he can hope trees faster than Jonin leveled Shinobi. It is even shown that he has skills with a kunai, shuriken and katana.


Kiumaru wears fish net and a grey shirt over top of it. He also wears a black headband with the Konoha symbol around his forehead. He wears grey pants and the standard open toe shoes. And he wears a black trench coat with the a Hamachi emblem which is the the fish in a blue background. He wears black open fingered gloves. He has spiky yellow hair (akin to Naruto but more spikier and more wild; not to long or short).


Kiumaru Hamachi was born on March 18th to two unnamed parents. His father had enrolled him into the academy at age 5 under the teachings of Iruka. During Kiumaru's academy days: he learned both arts of Water Style and Fire Style (a feat not every shinobi can do). He befriended both Crow and Rin Tenkuu. They were known as the Invisible Trio as they can preform simple jutsu with no effort. The trio finally graduated at the same age: 7. Though, he [Kiumaru] could've taken the Chuunin Exams but chose not to because his two friends where not going to. After, completing a mission: he found out his father had been killed by a Konohagakure Shinobi. This scared him for life as he is strictly loyal to Konoha. After that incident: he just looks up at the Hokage Monument thinking why they had to die and why they allowed his father killer to escape.


Return to the Land of Waves ArcEdit

The series opened up with Kiumaru looking at the Hokage Mountain and thinking why two Hokages had to die. He later left from the nearest rooftop and walked home. He was about to enter his house but Crow and Rin slammed into him. Pushing them off, he complained that it's too late to be messing around and he walked into his house. There he sat his table and stared at a picture of his, deceased, father. His mother told him that he died a couple months before he[Kiumaru] was born. Sadden by this discovery: he changed his views on his name and wanted everyone calling him 'Hamachi'. He got up out of bed and he packed his clothes. He snucted out of his house; at around 12 midnight and he tried to run from the gate but Crow caught him and he asked if he could join. Crow had his stuff packed and ready. So the duo ran off into the dark forest. On there way to the Land of Waves: they were ambushed by Missing Nins. Both Hamachi used a forbidden jutsu and killed the missing nins. They arrived at the Land of Waves and are instantly greeted by Otohiko Akimitsu. After, greeting each other they walked randomly around the land. Hamachi finally broke the silence and asked if there was any where to eat. Otohiko took them to one of the finer diners. There: the three ordered everything on the menu and ate everything. Then there was a sparing match against: Otohiko, Hamachi and Kasaru (Otohiko vs Hamachi and Kasaru). Surprised: Otohiko told Kasaru a secret. That night: Otohiko taught Kasaru how to channel electricity.


  • According the Konoha Fanbook 1:
    • He graduated from the academy at age: 7.
    • His favorite foods are: salmon, sushi, apples.
    • His least favorite is: ramen.
    • His favorite opponent is: Crow
    • He wishes to fight: Nanadaime(Seventh Hokage), Kakashi and his father's killer.
  • It's unknown when he will chose to take the Chuunin Exams, if ever.
  • It's also unknown how his loyalty is after his father's murder.

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